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When dealing with anxiety, we know where we want to be. Problem is: we don’t know how to get there.


Remember what it was like to not have anxiety? That wonderful feeling of peace and stability…


You have felt this, and you have probably wished you could just go back to that moment…


And that’s part of what makes anxiety so frustrating, the fact that we know where we want to be.


But we have no idea of how to get there, to that peace of mind and stability.


Eventually, we lose hope and just try to get by, even with all the constant worry, insomnia and mental hyperactivity.


But I want to ask you something:

How would you feel if you could decrease your fear on command and get in control of your thoughts?




Imagine a life without constant worry and insomnia.

A life where you are in constant control of your Mental Dialogue and there is no mental hyperactivity…


Imagine how you would feel if you could summon peace of mind-on command.

A life where you could be on top of everything that happens in your mind, as well as all the fear.


A life where you have control over fear, and not the other way around…


It may sound like mere pipe dreams right now, but it is possible.

It IS a reality.


Now the question becomes:

Do we really have to live with anxiety forever, or is there a way to completely cure it?


And most importantly: Will you ever get to be completely free from anxiety?


Let’s figure this one out together.




More than giving you a yes or no answer, I want you to understand how anxiety is reversed.


This will be way more useful to you.

Because by understanding the how you will actually know how to get some control over your anxiety.


I just have one thing to ask of you.

For the next three minutes forget everything you know about anxiety.


What you are about to learn is going to open your mind to a different concept of anxiety.

The very concept that will allow you to defeat it.


But if your current understanding of anxiety is different, then you won’t be able to fight it.


And that would really suck, as you would be stuck with that terrible anxiety.


So, let’s get to it.

This is what you need to understand in order to defeat anxiety…




I want you to take a moment and analyze what anxiety really is.


Not as a textbook definition, not as an illness, not as brain chemistry and not as a bunch of symptoms either…


Just think about what it is.

What it truly is beneath all that.


You will see from your own experience that anxiety is a lack of control over your own thoughts.


It can be constant worry, it can be mental hyperactivity, insomnia, what-if thinking, inability to concentrate, rumination and so on…


And all that is precisely this: A lack of control over one’s own thoughts.


Do you see this now?

I think we can all agree on something so simple.


But wait… we both know there’s more to anxiety…


It’s true that anxiety is thoughts out of control… but there’s something else….




And remember we’re not thinking about anxiety as symptoms.


We’re looking to get a deeper understanding here, and so far, we only have half of the picture.


If we look beyond symptoms, what else is anxiety?


The obvious:

Anxiety is also fear…


This mental hyperactivity I mentioned above is accompanied by a tremendous, unsurmountable fear that invades us.


Even if we’re not thinking about it.


And I’m sure you’re thinking about all the physical symptoms too.


We get physical symptoms because of the hormones we secrete when we are in fear or panic.

Such as serotonin, cortisol and norepinephrine for example.


But the physical symptoms are a physiological response to the unsurmountable fear.


They are not anxiety, they are a manifestation of anxiety, but not anxiety itself.




How does any of this relate to curing anxiety? Allow me to explain…


All symptoms and manifestations of anxiety derive from these two:


1-A lack of control over our own thoughts, and…

2-A magnified, disproportionate fear.


Yes, this fear can be irrational or rational. But in the end, it comes down to the same unsurmountable fear.


Now, take a moment to see the power of what you just learned…


We have been constantly trying to reduce or relieve anxiety by focusing in the wrong thing:

The consequences, not the cause.


But you need to filter out all the symptoms and manifestations and focus only on the true problem.


Or else anxiety will never go away.


This all may seem like an oversimplification, but this is necessary.


If we don’t oversimplify, anxiety will be too hard to treat and cure.


You know this.




You have been through anxiety, and you know that things can get pretty ugly…


Anxiety and panic can easily turn into an overwhelming monster…

And we cannot deal with a monster like that.


It would be like getting into a fistfight with a heavyweight champion!


That is not the way to go!


So, instead we will take a different approach.

Armed with the power of oversimplification we can now understand how anxiety is cured.


Anxiety will be cured when you…

1-Gain control of your Mental Dialogue and

2-Learn how to properly process fear.


And of course this works differently for everyone, but by just attaining these two we can decrease our levels of anxiety dramatically.


Take a moment to realize this, and ask yourself:


What would my anxiety be like if I could have total control over my own thoughts?


How would my anxiety change if I could decrease my fear?


Give these questions some real thought.




By doing this we have taken a huge step towards defeating anxiety.


Because now we know that anxiety can be defeated.

And we know exactly how it’s done.


Is this an impossible task?

No. Not anymore.


In fact, the lesson you just learned is essential to defeat anxiety.


And it will allow you to recover from anxiety in weeks, not years as it happens with mainstream therapies.


This is because the approach of my one-on-one program to defeat anxiety is very different from any other method, and unique in the sense that it looks for a permanent solution.


To make you capable and more powerful than anxiety, not depending on any therapist to maintain your mental health.


We achieve a permanent solution for anxiety by addressing the root cause, instead of the symptoms.


They are dealt with too, but they are much easier to deal with after addressing the root causes.




Once you uproot anxiety, it simply cannot get a grip on you.


And you also learn how to master the two disciplines you learned about today:


Attain precise control over your thoughts.

And process fear properly so it cannot get out of control.


Most of my clients defeat anxiety within the 12-week mark, because the program is laser-focused and results-based.


If this is something you want to achieve I suggest you check out the details of my one-on-one program.


You can take it from anywhere in the world, and it’s a great investment too, as I don’t believe in “hope therapy”.


Instead, we follow a specific roadmap, and you learn specific techniques that immediately help you fight anxiety and achieve more control over your thoughts and emotions.


And in the end, that is all we need to attain a perfect mind and complete mental health.


Let me know what you think about this in the comments section below.


I assume responsibility for my mental illness, and thus, I create my mental health.


Your friend,

George Alonso.

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy.