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It feels completely unacceptable. And it certainly feels like a huge contradiction.

“How can I feel so vulnerable and scared?”

“This is not who I am! I hate feeling like this!”


This is the kind of mental dialogue that fathers dealing with anxiety have to endure.


And the worst part is: it seems there is no one around to provide guidance in such difficult times.


But I am here to tell you that I understand what you are going through.


And I also have to tell you that getting over anxiety is easier than you think… it’s just damn counterintuitive.


In this article, you will find the resources you need to get over this awful anxiety in record time.


Shall we get started?




Anxiety as a father is not just like any other anxiety.


This is because the roles of a father and part of his identity have been culturally tied to certain values and activities.


In other words, anxiety hits where it hurts:

In your masculinity.


If you are a father who has faced anxiety you know what I mean…


You feel ridiculous or plain stupid because you feel vulnerable.

You hate how it makes you fragile and scared.


This alone makes it difficult to talk about anxiety. Because we don’t want to make it an even bigger problem by whining about it…


How can I have anxiety? I cannot afford to be so scared.

I cannot be this weak; my family needs me.




After all, we tend to see strength as “our thing”. And when we fail to be strong, it really hurts and destabilizes the mind…


You feel vulnerable, and you cannot allow yourself to be vulnerable.

You feel like a failure. A fiasco.


And the idea of not being there for your family terrifies you.

If not for you, you have to be strong for them.


“I am a man, not a child. I am not supposed to be this scared!”…


“What happened to me? When did I become this coward?”


“How do I get rid of this stupid feeling? I just want to go back to that moment when I didn’t have this damn anxiety”




We obviously don’t want to live like this and we look for ways to fight anxiety.


And that’s exactly where it gets tricky, because anxiety is different from everything we have faced in life.


We can handle a flat tire, change the showerhead, swap the old sparkplugs; maybe even repair a broken computer.


… but anxiety is different. And we are completely unprepared to fight it.


We have no idea of what works against anxiety, and we only know it won’t listen to reason.


No matter how hard we try to rationalize it, anxiety will just refuse to leave.


In fact, it seems that the more we try to run away, the worse it gets. (There’s actually a reason for that, but we’ll leave that for another moment)


Anyways, the problem with anxiety is that it is completely intangible.

And we have no idea of how to fight an intangible problem…




How do you fight an intangible enemy such as anxiety?


Medication, maybe? That might not be the answer.

We don’t want to depend on some pills to make us mentally stable…


On the contrary, we want to be strong and independent. Especially considering that medication has a long history of ineffectiveness and dangerous side effects.


And therapy? Few have the time and patience for that.


Who knows when it will have an effect?

We need anxiety gone as fast as possible.


We need it gone yesterday! And yet many people take years to see effects in their mental health.

Do we have that much time?




The fastest, and most effective way to defeat anxiety permanently is to take a twofold approach:


Conquer the mind and dominate fear.


First, you must become the master of your own mind.


When you control your mind, there are no thoughts out of control, no insomnia, no mental hyperactivity, no intrusive thoughts, no constant worry, no overthinking, no what-if thinking…


You can make all that go away when you are in charge of your mind.


And although that is powerful, it’s not the complete cure for anxiety…


You must also learn how to dominate fear.


I cannot describe to you the power you feel when you finally dominate your fears. You have to feel it yourself.


When you dominate fear, vulnerability is gone; and you feel capable and powerful. The roles are inverted, and you are no longer limited by fear and anxiety.


And this is exactly how anxiety is conquered. This twofold approach is how you must fight anxiety if you want to defeat it permanently.




As a father, these two must become your primary goals if you want to recover from anxiety.


And this is exactly what you will learn in my one-on-one program to defeat anxiety.


The step-by-step method to get your mind under control, and how to properly handle fear so that it never gets out of control.


This is the fastest method to cure anxiety, and it only takes weeks, as opposed to years with mainstream therapies.


And I will also share with you additional resources to start getting in control of anxiety.


First of all read this quick-start guide on how to combat stress and anxiety.


And once you have done that, enroll into my free course: Take 30% Off Your Anxiety.


That’s where you’ll learn the first exercises to get in control of your mind, emotions and anxiety.


It’s the first line of defense against anxiety, and they are necessary lessons if you want to be completely cured.


But, if you are completely determined to get rid of anxiety as fast as possible enroll into my one-on-one program to defeat anxiety.




It is understandable if you feel incapable, vulnerable and useless right now.


It is understandable if you feel you cannot do it, or that these things will simply “not work for you”.


That is exactly what anxiety wants you to believe.


Anxiety wants you scared and passive. It doesn’t want you to take action and it wants you to continue suffering this.


But this is the moment you have been waiting for. This is the moment when you must decide if you will either listen to anxiety, or your true desires.


Anxiety will tell you it’s not possible. But if you decide to believe it, that’s your choice.


You can defeat anxiety permanently, but first you must dare to go against everything anxiety says.


You are a man, you have accomplished a lot in the past. And you cannot allow anxiety to limit your life.


It’s scary, of course, but that’s why you must put up a fight and win the battle.




Now is not the right time to be scared, on the contrary. We are at war against anxiety, and this is the moment to take action against it.


Enroll into my program to defeat anxiety. It’s the only program guaranteed to work, and if you really want to reverse anxiety, you can get your first session for free.


If you want to be a stronger father and be there for your family you must make up your mind.


Anxiety wants you scared. But things will change the moment you stop running away and decide to fight.


And lastly: Don’t make the mistake of thinking that time will cure anxiety. On the contrary, it will just tend to get worse with time.


There is no choice. We are at war. And we must win that war.


I assume responsibility for my mind and emotions, and by doing this, I create my mental health.


I just have one thing to ask of you: Please share this article. We all need to support each other and learn more about how we can fight anxiety.


Your friend,

George Alonso.

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Program.