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Anxiety Recovery Program.


Defeat anxiety permanently in just weeks.

This program has been the permanent cure for anxiety and panic for hundreds of Mental Health Warriors.

And now, it’s your time to attain complete peace of mind.

100% natural 100% safe.

With the best of psychology, neuroscience and transcendental mindfulness, this program walks you through the specific and practical steps you need to take in order to defeat anxiety.  

No more ineffective and never-ending therapy. This program is results-driven.

From session one you will be engaging in specific mindfulness practices to achieve definite results:



The roadmap

1-Understand and manage your anxiety first. Including panic attacks.

2-Learn how your mind works and how to get a grip of your thoughts.

3-Learn to process, control and guide your emotions. And learn how to stop them.

4-Defuse anxiety, and become invulnerable to it.


You can expect to follow this generalized roadmap, but know that your program is customized for your specific anxiety and needs.






With this program, 7 out of 10 defeat anxiety permanently within the 12-week mark.

Some take more, some take less.

It all depends on your specific anxiety, but since the program is laser-focused, you can see results from session one.



Beyond anxiety.

In this program we go beyond anxiety and cover many aspects of mental health that cover depression, trauma, loss, PTSD, anger and OCD.


It’s an integral approach that more than “managing” mental illness, will teach you how to uproot it and turn you into a stronger version of yourself.


A perfect mind, completely inhospitable for mental disorders.

Always lucid and under control of your thoughts and emotions



Worldwide support. 

This program is conducted 100% over the phone, so you can take it anywhere around the globe. 

And it is also 100% confidential. 


You don’t need the constant worry.

You don’t need the sleepless nights.

You don’t need the restless mind.

You don’t need the intrusive thoughts.

You don’t need the panic attacks.



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Anxiety Recovery Program

Choose the option that best fits your needs.


This is what my clients have to say about this program.

THE ONE no-nonsense cure to my GAD. I had needed counseling in the past and I had some results, but with a tremendous downside: Dependency. George made it very clear from the beginning: this is not meant to be an ongoing treatment. This program teaches you how to put an end to anxiety, not to cope or manage it. And the results are amazing, you really learn how to leave anxiety behind for good. You need to take it, it’s a no-brainer and a bargain. 

-Diane Parker. Vancouver, Canada


George’s program is unique. I had never before seen anything like it. It cuts through mental illness so effectively. It truly makes you rethink everything you know about mental health. I was skeptical at first, but also determined to stop my anxiety, and it paid off. George transforms you, and that’s why it works: You defeat anxiety, not anybody else. Just do yourself a favor and get into the program, don’t waste precious years like I did. A couple months were enough for me, and your recovery might just be around the corner.

-Richard Pearson. Oregon


Thanks to George I was able to finally understand it: No one can do this for you. There is no one who can get you over panic and depression, it all comes down to you. I had to confront this difficult fact and take responsibility, but I knew I was in good hands with George. I highly recommend his program, nothing compares to it.

-Carol Mitchell. Pittsburgh, PA


In just four weeks of the program I learned so much about myself and anxiety and taking control of it. With the arsenal of mental tools I have gotten from our sessions, I can go venture into the world with the confidence that I have gained to not let anxiety control my life and stop me from what I enjoy. Thanks for helping me change my life. I highly recommend this program. I have had panic and anxiety for over 40 years, and I can say this is the best program ever. Once again thanks George!

– Joe G. Ohio


George is not lying when he says this program is results-driven. You have to do your part or you won’t see results. But you will be in good hands. Just as he points out: He teaches you the lessons, but only you can cure yourself. 28 years of anxiety were brought to an abrupt end with George’s program. He did what therapy and medication couldn’t do for me. It’s a real game changer.

-Claire Wilson. Newport Beach


I took me some months to finally get over anxiety, but it was definitely worth it. Anxiety is now afraid of me! Lol! I really never thought I could do it, I needed to be patient and persistent but I finally did it. I defeated anxiety, and it was all thanks to George and his knowledge. This young man might as well be a guru, because he is full of wisdom.

-Rachel Morgan. San Antonio


George has helped me understand and get full control my thoughts and emotions, which is something I considered impossible. He guided me with kind words and sharp insights. Thank you George! I have no words to describe how thankful I am!

It took some months to finally defeat my panic disorder, but it was all thanks to George. No pills, no eternal therapy. I am finally over anxiety and I haven’t had a single panic attack in more than a year! I now control anxiety, not the other way around! Joining his program was the best decision ever!

-Anna Smith. Orange, California


Thank you for teaching me how to get rid of anxiety. I can’t believe I went from medication to anxiety-free in less than 5 months! Couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks for explaining me how our brains are “plastic” and how we are able to change them even if we have been “hardwired” by mental illness. Your invaluable lessons gave me far more than mental health. I was grieving so much, so afraid, so anxious, so depressed. I am now ready to live the rest of my life fearlessly. Thank you a million times over George!

-Jennifer Menser. Perth, Australia 


Ready to make this your reality?

Frequently Asked Questions


Most of my clients (7/10) defeat anxiety with the 12-week program and never have the need to hear from me again.

With mainstream therapy reaching the prices of up to $500 per session, this is a bargain. And more than that, an investment you need to make in yourself if you want to enjoy complete control, peace of mind and total mental health.

Some take less (3 weeks) and some take more (11 months) to achieve their goals. It is a personal and unique journey, and it all depends on how closely you follow the program and your specific kind of anxiety.

But rest assured: We will go as fast as possible and you won’t be stuck paying forever. The purpose is to defeat anxiety permanently.


No. You only take this program for as long as you want it, but I don’t think it is fair for you to spend huge amounts of money indefinitely.

Thus, the purpose of this program is to enable you to defeat anxiety as quickly as possible. To make you capable, not depending on anybody else to enjoy mental health.

Most clients take the 12-session program to get started. Some defeat anxiety sooner, others take more. Once again, it all depends on how closely you follow the program and of course, your specific kind of anxiety.


This program is made for anxiety, but it can help you tremendously with other mental illnesses. This is because the best way to achieve mental health is to divide, then conquer.

Mental illness is very misunderstood and for most it is a formless “monster” impossible to attack. Starting with anxiety is a great first step, as this will give you much more control over your mind and emotions and clarity to fight other mental disorders.

Patience is a requirement here, as you have to commit to focus only on anxiety in order to get results. And although the program is made for anxiety, you will see results in all aspects of your Mental Health.


This program does not interfere in any way whatsoever with your current treatment. On the contrary, most of the Warriors who have graduated my program attain a complete level of Mental Health and conclude the use of medication.


This program goes deeper than any other. Transcending the definition of anxiety, we will approach yours as suffering and so give you the definite answer to be free from it.

Coupled with the deepest and most practical Mindfulness techniques, you will not only control and reduce anxiety; you will understand it, defuse it and uproot it definitely, so it can never have any impact on you again.


No, this is Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy, or TMT, and it goes much deeper than CBT. While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy aims at managing and coping, this method (TMT) uproots your anxiety and attacks right at the core of what is causing it.

Do you want to manage anxiety as a chronic disease? Or would you rather uproot it and leave it behind for good? That’s the main difference between the two, and the reason why my clients claim this is better than CBT.


The progress you make in the program is definite. The reason for this is because we lean on change to achieve permanent results.

Defeating anxiety is not about taking a pill or talking to someone, instead it is about who you must become in order to be “inhospitable” for anxiety; completely lacking the mental conditions that anxiety needs to subsist.

In other words: If you follow this program, it will change you into a stronger, wiser, more courageous version of yourself.


Glad you asked. This won’t be a concern. This program works for everybody, as long as they have a desire to get better and a disposition to change. Regardless of their background and experiences. 

Thanks to this program, hundreds of Mental Health Warriors have defeated anxiety before and it will help you if you are willing to follow through and apply yourself to it.

Everybody can defeat anxiety, that is a fact; it is only a matter of knowing how to do it and that’s what you’ll learn in this program.

This program is only for those who are willing to change and to put all their effort to defeating anxiety.

If you are unsure about joining or if you have any doubts or are not willing to put in the work, this is not for you and I expressly ask you not to join. 

Join only in good faith and if you are completely determined to fight and defeat anxiety. It’s the only thing I need from you, and without it, no one can defeat anxiety.

If you are committed to this, you will defeat anxiety that is a fact.


You only take this program for as long as you want it.

That being said, your first session is the moment when you can still decide if this is for you or not. If by the end of the first session you feel you don’t want to continue, I will happily refund you, no questions asked.

If, on the other hand, you decide to continue, then no refund will be offered or granted in the future.

Keep in mind that if you choose the 12-session program you will not be eligible for a refund in case you defeat anxiety before using your 12-sessions. You would then have the choice of concluding the program or using your remaining sessions to reinforce what you learned, as well as more advanced Mindfulness practices.


Mental health is attained only after we learn the proper way to think and process suffering.

We never question our thoughts. We run away from suffering. 

Yet they are the root cause of mental illness, and as soon as you understand this, and live by this truth; you will defeat mental illness.

Plenitude, joy and peace. Complete control over your mind  and emotions. A life free from mental illness.

This is what I want for you. Because I had to suffer the consequences of mental illness too.

You are not alone Warrior, I am here to guide you through this journey.

George Alonso

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy.

Ready to defeat anxiety?

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