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In case you are wondering how to cure anxiety fast.

I get it, you’re investigating what therapy can cure your anxiety. You want a solution to your anxiety and you want it fast.

It’s one of the consequences of suffering anxiety: We just want to get rid of it ASAP.

So, let’s not even waste time on introductions.

In this mini-guide I will tell you how to find a counselor that will help you get rid of anxiety fast.

Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1-Make it easy.

Let’s face it, you won’t go to therapy and you won’t commit unless the therapist you are looking is close to you.

Therefore, your first step is to look for a therapist that is close by in your city or neighborhood, or to “bring the counselor to yourself”


By using remote therapy.

Either over the phone or through Skype, for example.

Face time is not really necessary when it comes to anxiety therapy.

But you know what is necessary? Getting an effective therapist.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves,

The point here is to limit yourself to therapy to which you can actually commit.

Otherwise you will find it easy to skip sessions or to abandon treatment. But mental health is a matter of persistence.

If you search locally or go the remote way it will be easier for you to stay in treatment and eventually defeat anxiety.

Now let’s move on to the second step…

2-Do your research. There are many therapies for anxiety.

You can find countless therapists nowadays.

There are all kinds of therapists and many schools of psychology; and a degree doesn’t necessarily make any therapist a good therapist.

You should investigate and know what methods and therapies your potential counselor uses, and make sure it will be of use to you. 

I have always opposed the ineffective model of therapy that is so common nowadays. Which I have come to call hope therapy.

You know, the old imprecise model of “Come weekly to sit and talk until something happens… if it happens” 

That’s not good for you at all!

It will just mean you will have to spend years of your life and thousands of dollars indefinitely.

And you won’t necessarily get to see any progress!


The program or therapy you sign up for must be precise and provide a good timeframe so that your expectations can be met.

Take my anxiety and stress program as an example. It’s a clear pathway, and you get specific results.

If your therapist cannot provide either, consider the possibility that said anxiety therapy can end up making things worse for you.


Because anxiety and pessimism often go hand in hand. Let me explain…

Unmet expectations.

If you go to therapy and it doesn’t help you… What do you think your hopes will be afterwards?

This is one of the things that sadden me the most.

Most of my clients come to me after years of ineffective therapies and medication that put their lives at risk, seeing no positive effect at all.

And after having tried every therapy under the sun just to find out “nothing works for them”.

But I don’t think this is fair.

It is not fair to be treated this way.

That’s the very reason why my programs have an estimated timeframe, and are independent of your background.

Because that’s what therapy should be.

A real, definite help. Concrete results.

Therapy should mean mental health for you. As simple as that.

Getting palpable results in your mental health.

And this is what you must always look for.

If the therapists you are considering cannot provide a timeframe, a specific program, or if it’s just going to be a “come and talk” model…. then think before initiating that therapy.

In other words: Check their websites and see what they have to offer.

This will give you an idea of how their therapy will be. 

Maybe it is merely academic, that’s a bad sign. But a good sign would be a program centered on you, and giving you results.  

NOTE on finding the right therapy for anxiety.

I have to make a note about balance here:

The two preceding points can be somewhat conflicting…

While you must search locally, it is also important to make sure you are making definite progress in your mental health…

What if that “package” can only be found far away?

Well, then make a decision…

Either commit to therapy even if it’s not close to you…

Or take advantage of remote programs, like my one-on-one anxiety program or my online courses.

Now, let’s move on to the third and last step to finding effective anxiety therapy…  

3-As paradoxical as it may sound: be patient.

Please don’t hate me for saying that…

I ask you to be patient only because I know anxiety like the back of my hand…

I suffered anxiety for years before I could completely overcome it…

And I have helped hundreds of Anxiety Warriors to defeat their GAD, panic disorder, overworry, hypervigilance, depersonalization, derealization; and all kinds of anxiety…

And, although it sounds preposterous to ask you for patience, I must do so…

Because anxiety wants you to run away!

Anxiety wants you terrified

You’ve been there, you know how this feels…

You know that the more you try to run, the more you try to escape: the worse anxiety gets.

And I don’t want you to get any more anxious than you are.

Take a deep breath and brave this moment of anxiety.

In order to defeat anxiety we must do what seems impossible: Take our time to do it. 

Commit to a program that will truly help you through your anxiety. 

And be very, very persistent.

Anxiety won’t go away in a day.

It takes time, persistence and practice.

But don’t lose hope.

I am not asking you to wait indefinitely like so many therapists do…

In fact, anxiety can be defeated in just weeks if you follow my one-on-one program.

As opposed to years as we are so commonly led to believe…

But first you need to resist this urge to escape.

You need to resist this desire to just run away from anxiety and instead know that there will be a fight…

And you must emerge victorious from that fight. 

Let’s wrap it up.

1-Make sure you can follow up with whatever counselor you choose.

2-Make sure that said therapist can help you, and not just indefinitely charge you for “listening” to you.

(This is why my program has a specific estimated timeframe.)

And, lastly…

3-Be patient, take your time to defeat anxiety.

The cure for anxiety exists. But it doesn’t come in the form of a pill.

Instead it’s about learning the lessons that will give you control over your mind and emotions.

And becoming so strong that anxiety just cannot exist in you.

To become inhospitable for anxiety.

And one of the most fundamental lessons that I always teach my clients to defeat anxiety is this:

You must decide to hold your ground and take your time to defeat anxiety.

Anxiety is fueled by our fear of it.

And the more we run away, the nastier it will get.

Anxiety wants you to be terrified.

Because it will mean you won’t want to deal with it.

So, no.

Escaping is not a choice.

Your time to take action against anxiety is now.

If you want to get rid of anxiety check out my one-on-one Mindfulness Program. 

Don’t wait for your anxiety to get worse.

Counterintuitive, but true…

Instead, as complicated and terrible as it may sound, you must decide to face anxiety, and also know that it will take time.


It will take time. So, take your time.

It will be challenging. So, be persistent.

And if you take this new stance against anxiety, it will not have power over you.

Thank you for reading. 

I wish you the best, and to find the right therapy to defeat anxiety. 

May you gather the strength and wisdom necessary to attain complete mental health.

Your friend,

George Alonso.

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy.