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Transcending Anxiety Blog.

Welcome Anxiety Warrior!

No one has more power over your anxiety than you. No medication and no therapy is more powerful than you. 

Learn to Transcend Anxiety, forever. 

Mental Health and Malcolm in the Middle

Have Ever Watched Malcolm? Yes, the sitcom. I know you’re thinking I have lost my mind lol. Why would I ask you about Malcolm in the middle? That’s got nothing to do with anxiety, right? Well, surprisingly yes: There’s a lesson about anxiety here. Not in the show, but...

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How To Deal With Negative Thoughts

How to deal with negative thoughts is something that comes up a lot with my clients.  In the end, thought is what anxiety is about.  Although it is a complex matter and I suggest you enroll into my Anxiety Coaching Program, I am going to share with you a...

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“Turn Off” Your Anxious Mind?

Wouldn’t it be great if our anxious minds had an on and off switch?   So that in those moments of mental hyper-activity, worry, insomnia and panic we could just flip the switch and turn off our minds?   I spent years suffering anxiety, years of...

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How To Stop Overthinking

Over-worrying and overthinking can really ruin the day if we don’t know how to manage it. As one of the most pervasive symptoms of anxiety, you must learn to control it, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn today. Wouldn’t it be nice to just flip a switch and stop all...

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Is Anxiety Permanent? VIDEO

Is anxiety permanent? (transcript) (click here to watch in YouTube) Hello everybody and welcome to the very first video of my channel: Transcending Anxiety, don’t forget to subscribe,   My name is George Alonso and today we’ll talk about that great fear we all...

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Use Science To Kick Anxiety’s Butt

According to scientific research, our brains can change depending on what we do, say and think. Neuroscientist even came up with a term for this, and it’s called “Neuroplasticity”.   But what does this have to do with kicking anxiety’s butt? It’s simple …  ...

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Emotional trauma – how to heal

The trauma we have experienced and the emotional scars that left on us are, whether we like it or not, part of us in the present. For most they remain as painful memories and as everything you will read on this blog, it’s time to make something good out of them. Did I...

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Anger Management 101 & Beyond

Anger, just as many other emotions, is only difficult because nobody taught us how it works and how to deal with it. In this article you are going to learn the basics and this will not only be about anger management, today we go beyond.   Containing a fire is...

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Meditation #1: Meet Your Mind

A meditation to hack and explore your mind? In this meditation we will do a deliberate approach to the mind with the purpose of acknowledging its inner workings. Understanding the mechanics of your mind is vital if you wish to improve your life.   In Buddhism...

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Have you ever wondered why is it that society (us included) tends to avoid loneliness as much as possible? Why is it that most of us feel discomfort when lonely? How to deal with it if you currently face it? Can you use loneliness to your advantage? Can being...

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