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Here’s a crazy question: What would you do if you were able to control anxiety?


How would you feel if you were able to completely control your mind and your emotions?


Would you feel good if you could make anxiety shut up and obey you?


Peace of mind on-command… no social anxiety… no racing thoughts… no intrusive and scary ideas… no mental chaos…


… just complete peace and stability.


Sounds like mere fantasy, huh? Well it is not.


Achieving complete control over anxiety is possible, and it all starts by unmasking it.


What do I mean with this? Unmasking anxiety?


Yes. Unmasking it.


Because for too long you have done the same thing I used to do…




Anxiety can have many manifestations, but they all look the same from the inside:


And I want you to pay special attention to this:


First anxiety gets triggered and this means those annoying or even terrible thoughts will start running in our minds.


And while this is happening, we feel like shit. (Sorry for the language, but I am sure you’ve felt very bad too! Lol)


After a while, anxiety will wane and we will return to feeling “OK” for some time. Or at least, less anxious, because it can be very persistent.


And then again… something will trigger our anxiety and we will feel the same way over and over again.


And the worst part is: We sadly recognize how it’s just getting worse with time.


If you’re like me, that’s the moment you decide anxiety cannot be allowed to grow further.


And I’m glad you do, because by reading this email you will get a better understanding of anxiety and how to control it.


So, the important question here is this:


What happens between those moments of high-anxiety and low-er anxiety?




What changed? What happened? Why do we get anxious again and then less anxious?


Because anxiety convinces you of whatever it says.


Anxiety arrives at our minds and it starts lying to us.


It starts bringing a distorted version of reality to our minds and it also takes the lies as far as it can.


For example: First it tells you something like “People don’t want to talk to you”.


And then it goes on to make you believe not one, but an endless train of lies:


“They don’t want to talk to you because you look boring”

“And you better not open your mouth because then they will be convinced that you are boring”

“And also, they will laugh at you”

“And you will be humiliated in front of all everybody”

“And then you will most likely behave so awkwardly that it will get worse”


… and it can keep going on. You already know how this goes.


But the important thing to realize here is: Those thoughts are 99% of the time not true at all!


They cannot be taken as a faithful representation of reality, only as a distorted idea of it.




The reason why this happens is because we are already vulnerable when an anxious idea gets into our minds.


And it keeps telling lies without any limit by taking advantage of this vulnerable state…


… in the end anxiety knows we will believe it because we are vulnerable.

(We will talk about vulnerabilities in another email)


But is any of it true?


No! Hell no!


It is a distorted version of reality.


If it wasn’t because of this vulnerability and fear we wouldn’t even believe it.


But it’s time to gain some control, right?




Today’s lesson is simple, because it only consists of two things.


First: Understanding how this happens and what it is (what we already did above)…


And second: Taking the necessary action to change it. (we will get to that in a minute)


What I meant with the term “unmasking anxiety” is that you have to see anxiety as what it really is.


Nothing more, nothing less.


And from the things you learned above we can say this for sure:

Anxiety is a liar.


Once again: Anxiety is a liar! Lol

And it loves telling you lies it knows you will believe.


Gaining complete control over anxiety is more complex than what can be transmitted in these emails, and it is also different for everybody. In the end, not all anxieties are the same…


… but I can tell you this:


If you practice today’s lesson you will start seeing results in your life. Specifically diminished anxiety with every time you practice this.


So, what are these lessons? Simple, they can be summarized in 3 steps:




1-From now on, you must identify anxiety as a liar. Because it will try and make you see reality in a distorted way.


Being mindful of this fact will help you with the following step…


2-Every time you start feeling anxious take an attitude of incredulity and disbelief.


Dare to question anxiety, don’t go straight to believing it.

It may be challenging, but it can be done.


And no matter how convincing it is, refuse to give credence to what it says.


To make things simpler for you this is the rule of thumb:


If you ever decide to believe what anxiety is telling you, then you have made a mistake.


Anxiety succeeds when you believe it. But we succeed as Anxiety Warriors when we refuse.


3-Repeat this when you are going through anxiety:


“The things that are going through my mind are coming from anxiety and therefore I will not believe them, because anxiety lies”


“I will think about this all in a moment when I am not feeling anxious, because right now I know anxiety is distorting my view”


This is all you have to think of.


Whether you decide to memorize this or to make your own version is ok. Just remember to keep it present when you are feeling anxious.


It can be difficult with so much anxiety and fear, but you have to be more persistent.




Focus on nothing more: Just really getting it into your mind that anxiety is not the truth.


That there is always something anxiety is not telling you. That anxiety is always distorting reality for you.


This has tremendous power over anxiety because we usually only follow anxiety down the road.


We trust whatever it says and we allow it to make us feel bad.


In other words: Anxiety controls us, not the other way around. And this needs to change.


This is not our fault, it happens to all of us, Anxiety Warriors, but now you are aware of this and now you need to change.


By being mindful and by refusing to believe anxiety, you will start gaining more and more control.


This lesson is the beginning of your great journey out of anxiety.


By practicing this you will gain experience in one of the most powerful lessons in Mindfulness: Detachment.


Detachment is that “thing” that will give you stability and peace of mind.


Because when detachment is practiced correctly you can remain untouched by the effects of anxiety. Even in the most challenging situations.


You want to learn about detachment and how to be “immune” to anxiety? Keep reading as you will get a chance to learn it from me.




But let’s get back to this practice and the effects you will achieve.


With every time you question anxiety, and you recognize it as it is, you will be gaining more and more independence. Less and less control from anxiety.


And that feels awesome.


You will get more control over your worries and your thoughts and you will feel more stable and more in control.


This lesson is another piece of the large puzzle that your anxiety is, because not all anxieties are the same.


So, to answer the question at the top of this email:

Can anxiety be controlled? Yes! It can!


In fact, hundreds of my clients, or as I like to call them: Anxiety Warriors; have been able to achieve absolute control over their minds and emotions.


They have become anxiety-proof. And that’s something you can achieve too.


If you want to have complete control over your mind and emotions and completely defeat anxiety start with the mini-course!


It’s a series of videos I created to help you better understand anxiety from the Mindfulness perspective. The one that has helped my clients defeat anxiety permanently.


The only true answer to uproot anxiety.


It’s completely free and it contains the foundational lessons that will give you more control over your mind, anxiety and your emotions.

The mini-course is only the beginning of a great journey, it doesn’t contain all the answers, but it is the first step you need to take.




You have to keep in mind that it is your life and your health we’re talking about here.


It makes no sense to keep procrastinating and ignoring the fact that you need to take action to get better.


Anxiety only gets worse with time and it will only “spill” into other areas of your life that right now are not yet affected…


Such as your romantic relationships, your family and friends and your work too!


You have to draw the line before it is too late.


So go ahead and take the mini-course, you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


You know you really need peace of mind , and you deserve to defeat anxiety and to have complete control over your mind and your emotions.


If you are ready to end your anxiety start with the mini-course and I will also help you in the process if you have any questions.




Anyways, did you like this article? Would you like me to talk about something specific regarding anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, trauma or other Mental Health topics?


Let me know! I want to hear from you. Your opinion is important to me.


And lastly, remember to put today’s lesson to practice and to let me know how it works for you. Sometimes it can be confusing I know, but I am here to guide you.


Stay strong Anxiety Warrior.


Your friend,

George Alonso.

Transcending Anxiety Founder.