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Want To Control Anxiety? Start By Doing This

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Stop, stop, stop.

You seriously gotta stop doing this if you are dealing with anxity…


Hello everybody and welcome to Transcending Anxiety, my name is George Alonso and today I wanna talk to you about something we’ve been doing wrong…


I’m talking about a habit we unknowingly develop and which most of us anxiety warriors have experienced…


As if anxiety was not enough of a problem in our lives we sometimes feel the urge to take it against ourselves.


Suddenly it’s not only the anxiety itself, but also the mean things we say to ourselves.


What am I talking about? Self-loathing.


This is a common thing among us who have gone through anxiety and maybe you don’t consider it loathing, maybe it’s just an “innocent” phrase, but it counts nevertheless.


I’m talking about something along the lines of “You’re not good enough” or “You weirdo” or any sort of negative self-talk.


Any kind of hurtful thoughts that come up when one keeps overthinking, for example.


Now, here’s the thing… many will jump to the conclusion that this in itself is a product of anxiety, but I’m here to tell you the truth: this is not anxiety.


The truth is that we do this to ourselves, by our own motion.


Either because it’s our habit or maybe it’s our reaction to try and make things better. We believe if we discipline ourselves maybe we will become better.


But the why doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we must step in and make the conscious effort to stop it.


So the next time your anxiety gives you trouble or if you face any kind of emotional or mental struggle, please don’t take it against yourself.


As hard as the urge can be you must step in and change that Mental Dialogue to one of understanding.


Show yourself some compassion and refuse to take things personally. Whatever you think don’t turn it against yourself.


This bad habit will push you towards hurtful ideas like “You’re weak” “You’re dumb” “You’re a coward” “You’re damaged goods” “You’re pathetic”…


whatever it is, just let the idea of insulting yourself pass, but never agree with it.


It all starts with refusing to hurt yourself.


Remember you are in charge of your ideas and you’re capable of controlling them.


Later in this wonderful journey you will learn how to control your emotions too, does that sound like something you would like to learn?


Please leave a comment if you want to know more about it.


But for now you have to start by shaping your mind through your ideas.


This will come in very handy in the future, because instead of wasting time and energy fighting against ourselves, we will place all our efforts and focus on defeating anxiety.


You’re not the enemy, the true enemy is anxiety. Be your ally.


Treat yourself with compassion and everything will start to flow.


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