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Anxiety is now an alarming issue. It is spreading day by day, and we are living in what may very well be considered a pandemic of anxiety.


And a big part of this worldwide epidemic is caused by widespread misconception about anxiety itself, and mental health in general. Or, in other words: Poor education in regards to mental health.


We tend to think that maybe we will get better with time, when in fact the opposite is true.


If you are dealing with anxiety and you want to overcome it, it is imperative that you get involved in your recovery. Because whether you like it or not, untreated anxiety will only get worse with time.


Your worry will get worse. Your insomnia and mental hyperactivity will get worse. And anxiety attacks will become constant panic.




Until you uproot anxiety, you will only see more worry, more insomnia, more mental hyperactivity and more panic attacks in your life. And this is something you definitely don’t want.


We must look for a permanent solution to anxiety, and we don’t have any time to waste in the process.


So, let’s get to it. Today I will share with you 3 guidelines that will actually speed up your recovery from anxiety. And I am talking about permanent, no-relapse recovery.


In a sense, these guidelines are like “tricks” that will speed up your process of overcoming anxiety, and will reduce the possibility of anxiety rebounds.


Because you don’t want anxiety knocking at your door every now and then. You want anxiety gone, not a constant threat in your life.


But first I have something to tell you.




I am not going to lie; the process is not exactly easy. It is a challenge because anxiety can be very persistent.


Most people have to struggle with anxiety as a chronic illness. They spend years trying to recover from it and yet often experience a “rebound effect” that traps them in the same old anxiety.


I know this may sound disheartening, but this will not be your case.

If done correctly, you can actually recover from anxiety in just a few weeks.

Yes, you read that correctly: Weeks to defeat anxiety.


Why then do people suffer it for years?

Because they are taking the wrong approach.


Not that it is their fault, of course. But people who struggle so long with anxiety are failing to follow the 3 guidelines I share with you below.




In contrast, people who do follow these guidelines can permanently defeat anxiety in a matter of weeks.


That’s exactly why my program to defeat anxiety is only weeks-long, because we follow the guidelines you are going to learn right now. And in just weeks you become free from anxiety.


These guidelines are essential to recover in a timely manner, and without the possibility of rebounding into repeated episodes of anxiety and panic.


In other words: Either you treat anxiety correctly or mask the symptoms temporarily, just waiting for it to get worse with time.


My suggestion is to do this right from the beginning, and that’s why I share these guidelines with you.



Dealing with the symptoms is ok, but it is only a superficial measure and not a real solution.


More than anything else, you must understand the root cause of your anxiety and attack right there, where it matters.


Everything else is a band-aid and won’t have lasting results.


And what is the root cause? You might want to write this down…

Right at the core of every anxiety you will find:


First: Extreme aversion or rejection towards an undesired event or outcome.

Second: A disproportionate amount of fear towards that undesired circumstance.

And lastly: A Detrimental Mental Dialogue that creates overwhelming emotions (i.e. fear). This, in turn creates more aversion and so the vicious cycle begins.


This is common for all anxieties, and as I always say:

Anxiety is the same for everyone in the general aspects, but vastly different in the particulars.




If you focus on these three factors, you will speed up your recovery dramatically.


If, on the contrary, you don’t address these core factors, anxiety is guaranteed to resurface later… but with more intensity. Even if we perceive we have made progress.


If you want to learn how to do this and uproot your anxiety in just weeks I strongly suggest you take a look at the Anxiety Recovery Program.


Because instead of just “managing” anxiety, you will make it go away for good, and you will be in control of your thoughts and emotions.


Remember: you must focus on these three factors: Aversion, Disproportionate Emotional Response and Detrimental Mental Dialogue.


Treat those factors and anxiety won’t stand a chance.



Fact: Anxiety cannot be cured by just talking about it and expressing emotions.


In order to permanently defeat anxiety, we must make all necessary changes as easily and effectively as possible. What changes? Let me explain…


The three factors we mentioned in the guideline above are necessary for anxiety to exist.

And when they exist within us, we become breeding grounds for anxiety.


But the opposite is also true: Once we get rid of them, anxiety cannot possibly exist in us.

We become inhospitable for anxiety.


But we need to understand that the factors that make us prone to anxiety won’t go away unless we change our behavior and thinking patterns. These are the changes I am talking about.


It doesn’t matter how much we talk about our anxiety or emotions, if we are not making these changes, anxiety will persist and get worse.




People who suffer anxiety for years are failing to follow this guideline. That’s why it keeps appearing with more intensity and frequency.


To defeat anxiety permanently, you must become mentally and emotionally strong by changing your mental patterns and your behaviors.


This is exactly what you learn in my Anxiety Recovery Program. And you learn how to make these changes as fast and effectively as possible.


But most importantly: You are not taught dependence, on the contrary. You learn how to achieve mental health by yourself so that you are not tied to endless therapy just to be free from anxiety.


In every session you attain more and more mental health and you deserve to keep it.


The Anxiety Recovery Program gives you accelerated results that stay with you forever. You adapt to healthier patterns and behaviors, and eradicate the old ones that brought you anxiety to begin with.


So, how do you become inhospitable for anxiety?

You make changes to your behavior and thinking processes as you go fighting anxiety. Otherwise nothing is happening.


And how exactly can you do that?

You must identify your detrimental patterns by asking yourself these key questions:




1-Am I following the commands of anxiety with this decision, thought or action?

Anxiety is very persuasive. We often end up doing whatever anxiety wants, even if we want something different. And that’s dangerous, because that will only allow anxiety to “win” every battle.


Think about agoraphobia, for example. Fear of going out.


It started with following what anxiety wanted: Don’t go to that party, it Is too far away. Don’t go out of the house, let others bring groceries. Don’t go out of the room, it’s dangerous out there.


Ask yourself if you are following the commands of anxiety and you will know if it’s a behavior that needs to be changed.


In the Anxiety Recovery Program you learn this in detail, and you learn exactly what specific changes you need to make to your behavior. Anyways, the other key question is…


2-What is the purpose of this thought?

Some thoughts only contribute to anxiety. They have no other purpose, and they only make things worse.


Think about what-if thinking, for example. You know, those moments when we keep creating fictitious scenarios in our minds, just thinking of worse and worse situations. And we end up all anxious.




We don’t often stop to think about it, but what-if thinking only has one potential outcome: Anxiety. That’s it, there is nothing more to it. But that is just one example to illustrate.


When you identify anxious thoughts or ideas that will lead to anxiety, you know it’s time to change them. Of course, this is an oversimplification, but it is the principle that will allow you to identify and change anxious mental patterns.


And I know that this may be the very problem with your anxiety, that you don’t know how to identify and change all this. It is completely understandable, because you need to do more, you need to take action to overcome anxiety. Reading this won’t be enough.


If this is your case I suggest you enroll into the Anxiety Recovery Program, to learn how to make these changes and become free from anxiety as fast as possible.


But now, let’s take a look at the last guideline…



If you want to defeat anxiety you must know what mental health actually means to you, and how you are going to achieve it.


Where you are, where you want to be, and the steps to get there.


As an anxiety sufferer, mental health can be very easily defined:

Mental health would be the absence of anxiety, right?


But how do you achieve that? How do you become free from anxiety?

By taking control of your thoughts and emotions. And actions, of course, but that’s not the hard part.


Think about it: The quality of your thoughts and emotions determines your level of mental health.

Read that again and let it sink in, it is fundamental in terms of mental health.


I know we are not used to think about thoughts and emotions in terms of quality, but once you start seeing things this way, anxiety becomes easier to control and overcome.


This is something I outlined in my article on 2 tricks to actually revert anxiety: Understand your anxiety in your own terms and define exactly what would progress look for you.


I strongly suggest you give that a read, it will help you fight anxiety.




This guideline will help you accelerate your recovery from anxiety by making it a measurable process.


Have you ever heard that only the measurable is achievable?

This is what we often lack in mental health, and it has dire consequences…


Instead of making definite progress in reducing anxiety, we are often trapped in aimless therapy that achieves nothing.


In fact, most of my clients come from years of ineffective therapies and even medications that never helped them get over anxiety. This is completely unfair!


This is the very reason why I created the Anxiety Recovery Program, to help others uproot anxiety as fast as possible, and without having to depend on anybody else to enjoy mental health.


Instead of “hope therapy” I walk you through a specific process that takes you from anxious to anxiety-proof in weeks, not years.


There is no mystery or guesswork, it is a specific process, with specific steps. And it is the same process that hundreds have gone through before to overcome anxiety permanently.


Specificity is what you need, and it is what this guideline is about: A specific and linear process to defeat anxiety.



Imagine that just weeks from now, you could be free from anxiety, in control of your thoughts and emotionally stable.


Imagine that, instead of that constant worry you feel, you could have peace of mind on-command.


That instead of insomnia, overthinking, intrusive thoughts and mental hyperactivity, you could be relaxed and completely under control. No more health anxiety!


This is why I created these guidelines, to help people like you defeat anxiety as fast as possible.


You can be free from anxiety and you can have the peace of mind you deserve. You just have to make a decision and enroll into the Recovery Program.


What’s important to remember is that you need measurable results and a clearly defined goal. Without these, anxiety will just persist, and most likely, it will come back with more intensity in the future.


Once again, if you want to know more about how to make your mental health measurable read my article on 2 tricks to actually revert anxiety.



To defeat anxiety permanently one must, at the very least, follow these three guidelines:


1-Find the root cause of your anxiety and attack there.

2-Go beyond managing your symptoms and become inhospitable for anxiety.

3-Establish specific steps to achieve your goal in mental health.


Anxiety will affect all areas of your life, extending its influence until we can no longer function.

Do you want this in your life? Or do you want to take control and make anxiety obey you?


Then it’s time to take action and put an end to anxiety.



After all, mental health is our responsibility, and we cannot allow anxiety to take any more mental health away from us. It is time to stop it.


Reading this guide will not be enough for you to defeat anxiety, you need to do more. You need to take positive action that will help you overcome it.


So, if you are tired of anxiety and you are ready to leave it behind forever, enroll into the Anxiety Recovery Program. If is the fastest, safest way to overcome anxiety, and you deserve to enjoy mental health and peace of mind on-command.


It has been enough. It’s time for you to recover.


And lastly, I just have one thing to ask of you: Please share this article, as it contains invaluable lessons we all need to achieve mental health. And I believe we all deserve that.


Your mental health is in your hands, so let’s achieve it together.

Thank you for reading.


Your friend,

George Alonso.

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy.