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Is anxiety permanent? (transcript)

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Hello everybody and welcome to the very first video of my channel: Transcending Anxiety, don’t forget to subscribe,


My name is George Alonso and today we’ll talk about that great fear we all face when we deal with anxiety:


When will it ever go away?


For those of you who have gone through the ups and downs of anxiety, like me, will understand that sometimes we just wonder if anxiety is permanent or how much longer will we have to suffer it.


And the straight answer is: No, anxiety is definitely not permanent, but the cure is very different from what we’ve been told…


First thing you have to understand is: Anxiety won’t go away on its own.


Second: The solution to anxiety is not “out there”, but within yourself, you have to defeat anxiety, and be frontal about it, which takes me to the next point…


And number three: Counterintuitively, the only way out is through.

In other words: The obstacle is the way.


When I was dealing with anxiety I realized that trying to avoid it or run away from it only made things worse,


and you also have to know this in order to get better, you have to face it AND BEST it if you ever want to overcome it.


And I got good news for you: You have the full potential, it’s just that we weren’t taught the right skills.


And this is not some motivational stuff, it’s the truth because there is nothing that makes you less capable, it’s just a matter of training, of learning the skills and using them against anxiety…


See it as a kind of mental slash emotional self-defense. I know, it sounds kinda weird but this idea came to me when I decided to take a stand against anxiety.


I realized I couldn’t run away because anxiety would only come again later to give me more trouble.


Anxiety wouldn’t have any problem waiting around the corner to hit me again and again and again, one anxiety attack after the other. And I didn’t like this.


What do you do against repeated and endless attacks? You learn to defend yourself first and later you become so good that you defeat it.


Instead of running away I decided to face it and fight it, and now I am living a ompletely anxiety-free life…


But first I had to discover the right skills… and those are skills you can learn and use to become anxiety-proof too!


Learning this mental and emotional self-defense is extremely rewarding, because you become stronger and wiser.


And not only will your symptoms diminish, but also they will be less frequent… they become mild annoyances every once in a while that you will handle as mild headaches, but without even having to take an aspirin!


Like any other skill you have to develop it, it’s like singing, everybody can learn how to sing and get better at it. The only competition is yourself.


If you like the idea join me in this transcendental journey to defeat anxiety.


The key here is transcendence, going above and beyond the reach of anxiety and in this journey you will become stronger and wiser. You will become an anxiety warrior.


If you like the idea check my other videos because I will be guiding you through this amazing journey.


And I have on last thing to say to you:


Many will see this video and think I’m crazy, or say that it’s all nonsense, or that doing this is impossible, if that’s the way they think let that be THEIR reality, not yours.


Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to grow, don’t subject yourself to other people’s terms, don’t waste your potential with that pessimistic and defeated mentality.


Allow yourself the possibility to do something about anxiety and everything will change. You have the right to use your full potential so don’t limit yourself.


In this mental and emotional self-defense you will start solving the things that bring you anxiety and you will see how doing these practices greatly diminish your anxiety. Stay tuned.


Check my other videos to begin this journey and start tackling anxiety, we gotta go down the rabbit hole so you better start now.


The longer you take to address anxiety the worse it will get and the deeper its roots will go. Wait no more!


Anxiety will only be with you as long as you keep running away from it.


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