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Have you ever Watched Malcolm?

Yes, the sitcom.

I know you’re thinking I must have lost my mind lol.

Why would I ask you about Malcolm in the middle?

That’s got nothing to do with anxiety, right?

Well, surprisingly yes: There’s a lesson about anxiety here.

Not in the show, but the actor who played Malcolm can teach us a very important lesson about anxiety and, in general, mental health.

Frankie Muniz is the actor who portrayed Malcolm in the show.

And he has been through some pretty difficult stuff in his life.

2012 was the year Frankie Muniz was hospitalized after having a transient ischemic attack, also described as a “mini stroke”.

And he suffered a second attack a year afterwards.

Later, in 2017, when he was participating in Dancing with the Stars, it was revealed that he, in fact, has suffered significant memory loss, including losing memories from his childhood acting days.

I was appalled when I knew about this.

It is a terrible thing to endure!

It’s one of those things that make you think: “I wouldn’t know what to do if that happened to me!”

But Muniz’s own words took me out of the appalment and made me admire him even more…

It turns out, Frankie uses one of the techniques I teach to my coaching clients. But I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

In an interview, he talks about his acting career and memory loss, and he says:

“… I don’t really remember much of that.

It almost feels like it wasn’t me.

There’s no negative feelings, I just don’t necessarily remember.”

How wonderful is that!?

There’s no negative feelings…

In the same interview he also mentions something tremendously admirable and brave:

“My most memorable year is 2017, because I learned to live in the present.

I’m happy with my acting career, I’m happy with the decision I made to go race cars and to focus on music. Even if I don’t remember at all. I’m happy.”

How cool is that?

… I learned to live in the present.

Even if I don’t remember at all. I’m happy.


How does one manage to go through such a monumental challenge… and still be happy?

And I know we’re not talking about anxiety or depression or anything like that, but do you realize how powerful this is?

How does he do that?

Well, it turns out, Frankie is using two of the techniques I teach to my coaching clients to defeat anxiety permanently:


And bringing oneself to the present moment.

When we practice detachment, we are literally hacking ourselves.

Because with practice, we manage to break that relationship between stimuli and reaction.

It is terrible to suffer any mental condition.

The condition is there. The affliction is there.

But what happens when, through practice and understanding, we take the suffering out of the equation?

Then we have the power to face and defeat anxiety. Completely.

And if you also learn how to bring yourself to the present moment, you will control those terrible moments when anxiety starts the what-if thinking.

It’s really terrible to have little control over your mind.

True mental health comes when you learn to control your thoughts and emotions.

 And that’s exactly what I teach in my Mindfulness-based Anxiety Coaching Program:

-Mindfulness techniques to control your thoughts

-The method to control your emotions through detachment

-How to decrease your anxiety until it is so small you can control it

That is, in a nutshell. In reality the program is crafted to your specific needs, because no two anxieties are the same.

If this sounds like something you want to learn, and if you want to defeat anxiety permanently go ahead and check out my program.

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This is what you have been looking for.

A true answer to anxiety.

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Stay strong.

Your friend.

George Alonso

Creator of the Transcendental Mindfulness Therapy.