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According to scientific research, our brains can change depending on what we do, say and think. Neuroscientist even came up with a term for this, and it’s called “Neuroplasticity”.


But what does this have to do with kicking anxiety’s butt? It’s simple …


What science can do for you…


First consider this simple fact we so often overlook:

We’re not born with anxiety, we learn it later in life.


Neuroscience tells us that from childhood and through adolescence we develop our first neural connections, and that’s when anxiety became wired into our brains. Yes, even if anxiety surfaces later in life.


But just as we unintentionally shaped our brains into anxiety we can learn to rewire it into complete mental and emotional stability.




By “hacking” our brains and rewiring them through our habits, thoughts, words and actions… the exact same mechanism through which we became anxious!


Science will help us, but we gotta help ourselves first…


Now, this is something you might not be aware of, but your brain is already playing in your favor. It just follows the orders you give it. it cannot help but act according to the conditioning you reinforce and your daily habits.


What happens if we keep living in reactive mentality and old conditioning? Anxiety lives on, that’s what happens.


In other words, we have to be very, very careful of what we feed to our brains.


Transforming your brain


Changing your thought habits is not as difficult as you believe.

Here’s what you must do to kick anxiety’s butt with the science of neuroplasticity:


Since you are the one continuously shaping your brain you must begin by choosing wisely.

Yup, we can learn a lot from that Ted Mosby 🙂


Think about the books you read, the music you listen to, the shows you watch, your usual thoughts and responses… do they favor your mind or just keep your anxiety going? Do they reinforce an anxious life?


Here’s an easy example: Have you noticed how when you are sad you listen to sad things? This is part of the “default” conditioning, a classic unfavorable reaction that reinforces sadness. Any action that reinforces that which is hurting us is therefore unfavorable conditioning.


Trash old wiring, build new neural connections.


You just have to go against the current, or put in other words: Always choose against anxiety. If your anxiety is telling you to worry just breathe and let it go…


If your anxiety is keeping you up at night refuse to think about it ‘till the morning. If anxiety is driving your irrational fear then question that fear. If anxiety got you all stressed and tense, then consciously relax all muscles. If anxiety’s got you judging yourself harshly and/or making you doubt yourself, then refuse to listen and focus on the outside.


Say you start to feel physical symptoms recognize them as part of anxiety only, not as physical illness. If you start getting flashbacks of traumatic events then breathe and bring yourself back to the present. If you are overthinking or playing the perfectionist, embrace imperfection and just give your best shot. If you start being compulsive, then purposefully do something against that compulsion. Always against anxiety.


Awareness is the key.


For all habits, thoughts, words or actions simply ask yourself: Am I choosing wisely, or poorly? If you are choosing something unfavorable be sure to change the pattern. Habits may not change overnight, but by being aware and pushing the change you will have greater control over anxiety.


This is exactly how you can change your brain on a neural level. Science is on your side, I am here to help you and you’re at the helm 😉


As I’ve told you before, overcoming anxiety is like learning self-defense. Rewiring your brain is part of that self-defense.


And remember: If you’ve decided to kick anxiety’s butt you can send an email to george[at]georgealonso[dot]com to get your 100% free Anxiety Breakthrough Session.


Never forget: Your body may be harmed, but your mind and soul are literally unbreakable.

Stay strong, you are a warrior.


George Alonso.

Master yourself, master your life.

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