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If you rather read than watch the video here you go 😉

Have you ever felt out of control of your emotions? Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Or don’t you hate it how anxiety and panic just take over you and for some time we are nothing but bundles of fear?


Well, I can tell you it sucks and I can also tell you there is one thing you can do to regain control of your emotions.


Welcome to today’s video Anxiety Warriors. Today you will learn how to become fully aware of your subconscious. In other words, how to make the unconscious conscious.


Why should you learn this? Because the problem is: We are controlled by our emotions only when we are not aware of what’s happening inside of us on a subconscious level.


Think about it, it is the obvious thing to do, because we cannot gain control of something we don’t even know.


So today yo will learn to “pull” the subconscious thoughts and emotions into the conscious, aware mind. Afterwards you can understand your emotions and process them.


Only then you can gain complete control, but as long as you remain disconnected from your subconscious you will keep being controlled by your emotions.


Know your mind, know your emotions, know your anxiety and everything will change.


So, how do we do this? How do we make the subconscious conscious?


It’s simple. First you have to pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. It may sound too obvious, I know, but think about it, we often live in “autopilot”, we only “suffer” the effects of our emotions but we don’t often pay attention to why we feel that way.


Also there is something very important you should know here. I used to be the kind of Warrior who felt sad for no reason, like really no reason at all, but I was wrong.


What really happened was that either the reason to be sad was buried deep within or I didn’t want to accept it for some reason, be it shame, or feeling silly or whatever, but I can assure you, there is ALWAYS a reason.


We just have to go deeper and focus on getting the answer, but believe me, you will get it.


Now, when you pay close attention to your ideas and emotions you will notice it is very easy to name them. Emotions are typically described by one word.


You can easily identify them by basic emotions: Anger, Fear and Sadness are the primary negative emotions, use them to label your emotions easily.


And by the way, I left you a link to a very useful guide in the description box below.


Anyways, ideas are slightly different but also easy to identify, ideas are easily put into words and sentences. All ideas can be described this way, there is no complication there.


Even though we think in abstract concepts those concepts can easily be put into words and sentences if we pay enough attention.


So, what we want is to identify them both, emotions and ideas and most importantly: understand the link between them.


For example, I used to feel sad for no reason, until I became aware that it was because of the bad things that happen in the world every day.


Or I used to feel disconnected and then I realized it was because people didn’t get what it was to live in anxiety.


Or for example, I felt strong aversion to talking about death or illness, and by observing and identifying my emotions and ideas I realized I had a great fear of falling sick one day and die suddenly.


You see the pattern here? An emotion followed by an idea. This is what I call the Mental Dialogue and listening to it is crucial to overcome anxiety.


When you do this you are no longer just “suffering” your emotions, but now you will understand them.

There’s a reason why you feel what you feel and it is always ok to feel, but it’s not ok to suffer unnecessarily.


In fact I do it 24/7 and it’s great because you know yourself and your anxiety so well that you fix everything almost immediately, it’s like no emotion can get a grip on you and if it does, you won’t lose control.


This is because I process all my emotions, which is something I will teach you in another video, but let’s focus on today’s subject.


The more you do it the deeper you go and the easier it will be to identify emotional conflict and even deep seated trauma, so keep practicing.


Leave no stone unturned. Identify all your emotions and describe your ideas in detail. For example, if you don’t like somebody don’t just leave it like that, describe your ideas and feelings about that person.


You deserve to know exactly what is going on.


And you will see that it suddenly becomes crystal clear, no more mystery, no more emotions out of reach.


You will be able to observe an interplay between ideas and emotions, the Mental Dialogue. This is what we want and all it takes is observation and proper identification.


Every time you feel “sad for no reason” or if you feel anxious and the fear creeping all over you remember you still have to do it.


There is no such thing as an “unknown” to us, some things may be buried deeper, but with practice you will see how thorough this can be.


This way we easily pull subconscious concepts into the conscious mind and boy can we go deep using this technique, because the Dialogue can keep going, so you just keep listening.


Now, you must not filter anything, sure there will be things you don’t like, but remember to remain transparent with yourself.


This is extremely important and I cover it in another video, but for now make an effort to remain transparent, you need it to defeat anxiety.


If you practice this long enough, you will not only know the reason why you have anxiety, but also you will find the answers you need to defuse it.


You will become aware of the ways you can hack anxiety to end it.


And if you also learn to process your emotions, like I will teach you in the next video, you will not have to suffer the wounds of the past, you will heal yourself and leave the past behind. And yes, these emotions often contribute to anxiety.


Anxiety comes to our unsettled minds, so it is our responsibility to address the emotional conflict.


So let’s wrap it up:

First identify emotions and ideas.

You will observe a pattern, you will feel a something because of some reason.


Emotions and ideas, this is what we want, because when we have it this clear we can work with it and figure out a solution.


This will give you the ability to settle your anxious mind and to see clearly through the problem. This is what you need to regain control: You first recognize the subconscious conflict, understand the issue and then identify the solution.


Never settle for “no answer”, there is always an answer, you just have to pull the subconscious into your awareness. It may be necessary to spend some time investigating, but keep doing it and you will get your answer.


Remember this is but one part of a whole, so check out my other videos because I will be guiding you in this journey out of anxiety.


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Thank you for watching Anxiety Warrior, see you next video.