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Welcome Anxiety Warrior. I leave you the text version here if you rather read than watch the video.



What do you feel when somebody tells you to “just get over” anxiety? Has I happened to you?


If so, get ready to do yourself a great favor.


Get ready because today you will liberate yourself of the burden of that insensitive people!


If you’ve ever had somebody tell you “Just get over it” you know how annoying it can be.


It used to piss me off until I decided to give myself some peace of mind.


At first I tried to explain what it was like, and this helped me understand there are two, and only two kinds of people in the world…


Those who will understand you and those who won’t.


It didn’t matter how hard I tried explaining anxiety, some people seemed to be completely immune to the explanations.


But there’s also good, empathetic people. To my surprise it was relatively easy to make them understand.


Now, I am not telling you to waste your time with people who won’t understand or trying to figure out what kind of person they are, instead do yourself a favor and use this awesome wisdom…


Renounce to your desire to make them understand.


When you give up on trying to change people and when you give up your expectations a lot of good things will start to happen to you.


First, you will understand that some people will never change so there’s no point trying. Reduce your contact with this people if it’s necessary and don’t be afraid of setting up boundaries.


You need limits in order to avoid being affected.


And you don’t have to worry about finding those who will understand you, they will come to you.


It’s like applying a filter on your life. You define what kind of relationships you want to have. And you will also be attracting the right people to our life.


But the most important thing to understand here is to know that your desire is the key.


Other people’s insensibility can only affect you if you wish things were different. This brings you frustration, bitterness and also sadness.


Instead, pay close attention to your desires and never allow them to drag you down.


Understand that no matter how hard you try to make others understand, it will still be their decision.


Release your desire, let people go whenever they need to go because by doing so you will also be attracting kind people into your life.


And never be afraid of speaking up. If there’s somebody driving you nuts speak up and make their ignorance and insensibility clear to others. Refuse to live under their terms.


And remember to speak from a place of wisdom, say something like “Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s not real. So it will be better if you refrain from talking about the things you don’t understand. Ignorance doesn’t give you the right to be a jerk.”


Learning to identify these two kinds of people will make life easier for you, but above all, remember to keep an eye on your desires. Are you getting frustrated because you wish things were different?


If that’s the case take a deep breath and just let go. Accept the way things are and set all necessary boundaries.


It’s all about desire and boundaries Anxiety Warrior.


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